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is, is... it over?

-12/12/2004- You didn't think I'd FORGOTTEN you?

Keep the eyes peeled kids.

-12/20/2001- Tearfull and weary good-bye's

Yeah, it's true, we're leaving. And you hardly knew 'we', right? well don't worry, there's a good chance that we'll return when you least expect it.
In the meantime check back through the archives and remember the good times... while you're at it, you can get on thehorn and yell at me all you like for taking away your sunshine. I deserve it. There's a chance that yelling can get things back up sooner. A small chance... but a chance.

Yeah, I came back to give you chumps los lovin' de weekend. Hope you likes it. There's been an extra special Wallpaper added to my huggable young galleria. This one's in celebration of Dre' and Trixie, you know... doin' stuff. I hope you cats dig it.
Other than that I put up that attractive little graphic in our updates section. Welp... back to putting off my portfolio work.

Ok, I don't usually plug comics on the main page, but go check Norman out. He may offend, or 'creep out' but it's undeniable... there is a certain truth in that man...

Obviously some of you are wondering about yesterdays special birthday love for m'lady... I know. You wrote me. If you have to ask though, people, then you really don't need to know. Have any of you seen the Spider-man trailer? I caught it tonight and I think I'm honestly disoriented. Before seeing it, I had the strongest feeling that that movie was going to be the worst thing since the plague, now... I just don't know. The trailer didn't so much make me want to see it, it just kind of made me forget where and who I was for a couple of minutes. So, as of now I'm on the fence about Spider-man, not because I was impressed, but because I'm still not sure exactly what the hell I saw.

Ok, this is STILL good

Go here. No, really, go here. Just go now. I might explain later, but honestly, it's not needed.




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